DN42 Wiki (BURBLE-MNT) June 24, 2020:  alternative approach for mikrotik version 6.47 [e3d7c9c]
DN42 Wiki (BURBLE-MNT) May 08, 2020:  I know its tiny but in the name of acceptance [816122e]
DN42 Wiki (BURBLE-MNT) February 19, 2020:  Updated to suggest the use of /30 in GRE link because Mikrotik limitations [4efda1c]
Mic92 June 10, 2017:  updated split dns regexp [cf912d0]
Mic92 April 07, 2017:  Updated mikrotik (markdown) [14ccb80]
Mic92 August 28, 2016:  Created mikrotik (markdown) [d76b346]